12,000 at EFAC NIGERIA Convention address Perilous Times

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           The Evangelical Fellowship in the Anglican Communion was founded in 1961 with the conviction that a strong biblical witness is essential for the life and health of the Anglican Communion, within the wider context of seeking first God’s kingdom and building up His people.

            Motivated by the same conviction some Anglican Church leaders in Nigeria became interested in EFAC programmes abroad, including the scholarship scheme. In 1978, at a Congress on World Evangelization held at Ife in Nigeria, some Anglican participants led by Rev. Yemi Ladipo decided to establish EFAC in Nigeria. That decision, like a mustard seed, germinated and grew into what is now one of the largest evangelical fellowships in Nigeria, with over fifty thousand who are committed to the Lord Jesus Christ and to Evangelism.

             EFAC Nigeria now organizes an annual National Convention for clergy and wives and for lay members, where the word of God is expounded, people challenged to faith in Christ to make a difference in the society, as well as mobilizing men and women for missions.

The 2019 Convention.

           The 2019 National Convention was held at the Cathedral Church of St. Michael,  Aba, South East Nigeria from 12th – 18thAugust 2019.  The theme was, “Understand the Time” (Eph 5:15-17). Renowned bible teachers brought the  word of God to over 12,000 people present at  the convention, among whom were, Archbishop Nicholas Okoh (Primate of Nigeria), Archbishop Stanley Ntagali (Primate of Uganda), Archbishop Peter Akinola  (former Primate of Nigeria), Venerable Justice Okonkwo (Jos Diocese), Archbishop Ikechi Nwosu, and Bishop Christian Ugwuzor (the host).

           Among the topics covered were: a Bible exposition on the theme; Lay hold on Eternal life; Persecuted but not crushed; Watch this Mammon: The Clergy and misplaced priority; GAFCON: God’s instrument in a changing world; Clothe your ministers with righteousness; Seminars on the Clergy family, and on health.

          All the speakers cautioned the Niergian Church and society about the current “perilous times” of incredible moral decadence and abandonment of God, the creator. Believers in Christ were encouraged to understand the time, and to hold firm to the unchanging truth of God’s word – the only eternal legacy. Prayers were made for the Government and the Church, the peace of the world, and most prominently, the election of Primate, Nicholas Okoh’s successor which will take place in September 2019. The Convention was a huge blessing to God’s people who attended, as hope came through the word of God to the Church of Christ in Nigeria under severe persecution.

Rt. Rev Henry S.O Okeke

Member Exco team EFAC International/

GAFCON Deputy General Secretary West Africa.  


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