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I decided this week to quit Facebook. There are many reasons I have quit but I’ll just give you a few.

  1. Facebook is a time waster. You are encouraged by the medium to spend too much of your time scrolling through your timeline looking for the latest updates.
  2. Facebook is full of arguments, false information, and half truths, and viral spread rumors that do harm, gaslighting, etc.
  3. Facebook’s structure encourages you to create echo chambers (to avoid arguments) where you only read, see and hear what you already agree with. Its a place for self-confirmation and not learning new ideas or perspectives.
  4.  It doesn’t actually encourage civil conversation. It has been well known since the inception of the internet that people feel freer to be mean and rude electronically then face to face. 
  5. Lastly, Facebook is no longer fun. Facebook started out as a fun place to visit friends and chat. It has evolved into a giant marketing scam where a Facebook monetizes your data to make money. You are not the customer. You are the product.

Finally, You don’t need Facebook to communicate with me!

Feel free to contact me at If you are a member or attender of my Indianola First UMC you are more than welcome to call me or text me. The same goes for all my friends and colleagues. If you don’t have my number, email me and I’ll provide it. Know that I’m available 24/7 for emergencies as always at the church’s emergency number. If I’m on vacation or out of town another pastor will be available to meet your emergency needs. (Usually Pastor Brian Williams.)

I will still be sending the occasional Tweet or posting a favorite picture to Instagram. But, next time you want to talk let’s go get a cup of coffee and have a real life conversation! Doesn’t that sound better?

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