Another victory: Texas city stops “Drag Queen Story Hour” after MassResistance pressure

Aug 26, 2019 by

from Mass Resistance:

MassResistance notches another victory in the battle against “Drag Queens” targeting young children in public libraries!

On August 15, The Leander, Texas, City Council voted 5-2 to stop renting out their public library meeting rooms to outside organizations. The Council also voted 6-1 to require background checks for guest presenters for programs in the library involving children 17 and younger. By all accounts, these policy changes will completely stop the “Drag Queen Story Hour” events in the public library.

The Leander City Council votes on the new library policy.

Both of these moves are a direct result of Texas MassResistance activism targeting the “Drag Queen Story Hour” events at the Leander Public Library this year – a story which ultimately made national news.

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