Family breakdown, the root cause of modern poverty

Aug 24, 2019 by

by Laura Perrins, The Conservative Woman:

WHO killed or is killing marriage and the family? This is quite a hot topic amongst conservatives right now so I have decided to stick my oar in.

Tucker Carlson blames, to some extent, the market and its disruption of the male wage. Conservatives have always had an uneasy relationship with the free market and capitalism as the free market is the great disruptor. This is why conservatives take what is sacred out of the market completely – some things are not for sale. However, for everything else the market is the best way to organise economic activity in particular because it protects liberty and property rights. Trying to control the market in a heavy-handed manner usually leads to more harm than good.

I must side with David French and Ben Shapiro, who put a premium on individual responsibility over ‘structural inequalities’ that the market may or not generate. If conservatism is to mean anything it must mean taking responsibilities for your actions.

Belinda Brown has set out how feminism has attacked the nuclear family and the male breadwinner for decades. For the feminists, only by destroying both could women be free – from men at least. They are still dependent on men in terms of the State. And as men pay a disproportionate amount of tax they contribute far more to the welfare state that sustains the ‘independent’ single woman than women as whole.

There is no quibble from this website as to the damage feminism has wreaked on the relations between men and women, between mothers and children and the family as a while. But it is not solely the fault of either feminism or the market.

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