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Poker Chips

and Poison 

by Rodney Strong

It begins as a friendly poker game (is there such a thing?) but ends with Betty’s death. The Silvermoon Retirement Village takes it in stride — after all, Betty was in her eighties. Except for Alice — who quickly becomes convinced her death was murder.

And when she does, she is faced with three major questions: why would someone murder Betty, who would murder Betty, and how did they do it? Because the police would not believe her, she has only one aide in her endeavor, Vanessa, a member of the Silvermoon staff.

The result is a cozy mystery reader’s cozy mystery. Working with a senior adult community as I wear my other hat, it was easy to attach some faces to members of the Silvermoon community. And as we meet the members of that community, we meet the various suspects that Alice and Vanessa must consider and eliminate. Except for ______________ (for that, you will need to read the book).

The book is a gentle read and will bring a smile to many. And the people are fun to follow — whether on-point or slightly forgetful. The book will fit well into the public library. Though focusing on a group of senior citizens, the book will likely be enjoyed by those of every age and background. My only concerns were several grammatical errors found in the first 20% of the book (more than I typically see in a book sent for review) — ironically, there were none past that point. In a private e-mail, the author assured me that these would be taken care of during the final round of editing.

This review is based on a free electronic copy provided by the author for the purpose of creating this review. The opinions expressed are my own.

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