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Survivor’s Guilt.
Imposter Syndrome.

Two words for relatively similar experiences that, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized many people have. Including me.
The older you get, you start to look right and left, and sometimes you see folks who used to be standing beside you…aren’t. Somehow, you’ve “made it through” some life-trial, or tragedy. Somehow, you got the break, and they didn’t.

And it makes you ask “Why I am the one, and why not you?”

There are very *good* and clear reasons why in some cases of course…they had addictions you didn’t…you worked harder…

But then, there’s just the part that’s pure dumb luck. Or blessed luck. There’s the good timing you had, and the bad they did.

You can’t spend you life, of course, looking backward like Lot’s Wife. But it’s foolish to believe you never will or do. And if you’re honest with yourself, it can call up a wistfulness. Hopefully, that wistfulness can lead to a gratitude. As Stephen Colbert said in that interview the other day, “It’s a gift just to exist…”


So, I love this song, and feel it speaks to these pretty deep issues. Been in the studio off and on the past few month, and am very please with how it’s come out.

The point of the song is that these are universal experiences, not unique ones.

There IS a guilt that we survive.
And…it’s a gift to exist.

These are two sides of the same coin of existence that God calls us to embrace and wrestle with throughout our lives.

Hope you enjoy it.
I mean…the song…and life of course…EF

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