Week of October 6 – Noah – Social Media Plan


Parents, today your child heard that God always keeps His promises. God promised Noah that He would never again destroy the earth by flood, and He gave Noah a sign of His promise, the rainbow.


“God certainly becomes the believer’s only hope precisely when he has become the believer’s only hope. When the storms are rising in your life, aren’t you closest to God then? Or do you fail to remember God even then and give in to despair and hopelessness and joylessness? But we see in Genesis 8 that Noah remembered the God that remembered him.”  Jared C. Wilson writes more about “Remembering the God who Remembers You” here: https://www.thegospelcoalition.org/blogs/jared-c-wilson/remembering-the-god-who-remembers-you-2/


Take it Further: Check out the “Noah” section of the Bible Studies for Life: Kids Family App.  This FREE app engages your child to dive deeper into the weekly lesson by utilizing fun games and activities.


Our Weekly Bible Verse highlights our Life Point for the week; God always keeps His promises. Do you remind your child of this whenever you see a rainbow? You might need this reminder today as well.


Living a life of simplicity includes living in simplicity in our relationships with others. Just as we can simplify our lives by eliminating the demands we place on ourselves, we can simplify our relationships by eliminating the demands we place on others.



The Unit Verse for October is taken from Paul’s sermon in Antioch. Help your child memorize this by separating it into 3 sections: “We ourselves proclaim to you,” “the good news of the promise,” and “that was made to our ancestors.” Start today and have it memorized together by the end of the month.

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