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  • Changed by Love – Grace without Borders

    from Core Issues Trust: LGBTX is a fact – some people, for different reasons, leave the LGBT+ community and find help for unwanted same-sex attractions. We were recently in Surrey, where Pride came to Woking Park – this is the story of that event and how we shared the redemptive, cleansing work of Jesus Christ […]

  • Building the fortifications

    By Rod Dreher, The American Conservative: David French, who is Evangelical, has a theory about why some of these big-name pop-culture Evangelicals are losing their faith. Excerpt: As our culture changes, secularizes, and grows less tolerant of Christian orthodoxy, I’m noticing a pattern in many of the people who fall away (again, only Sampson knows […]

  • Book Review: Neither Bomb nor Bullet

    by J S Marshall: Benjamin Kwashi with Andrew Boyd, Monarch Books, July 2019 In troubled times we need the power of God in the lives of men and women sent by Him to inspire and lead us. Such, I have to say I was convinced, having read his amazing life story, is Archbishop Benjamin Kwashi, […]

  • ‘Speak on behalf of those yet to be born’

    By Russell Powell, Sydney Anglicans: Archbishop Glenn Davies has urged State MP’s to reject a new bill to make abortion more available in New South Wales. The bill is to be introduced into the New South Wales Parliament this week and has the support of the Health Minister and Premier, as well as some members […]

  • Priest quits for GAFCON plant

    by Madeleine Davies, Church Times. A VICAR in the diocese of Truro is stepping down after 17 years to plant a new church community under the auspices of GAFCON, it was announced on Sunday. The Vicar of Fowey, the Revd Philip de Grey-Warter, who is also Priest-in-Charge of Golant, said on Tuesday that he had […]

  • The Eclipse of God, the Subversion of Truth, and the Assault upon Religious Liberty

    by Albert Mohler: An address to the Western Conservative Summit, July 13, 2019, Denver, Colorado: Our concern in this gathering is the assault on religious liberty now experienced within the United States and throughout Western Civilization. The very civilization that paid such an incalculable price through the centuries in order to defend and preserve human […]

  • God, Greed, and the Prosperity Gospel

    by Tim Challies. […] God, Greed, and the Prosperity Gospel [by Benny Hinn’s nephew, Costi Hinn] is a semi-autobiographical examination and assessment of the prosperity gospel. With his unique insider’s perspective, he is able to combine theological insights with personal experience, and the combination packs a punch. He tells how the ministry functions and how […]

  • Govt to allow marriage downgrades

    from Coalition for Marriage. The Government wants to give every married couple in England and Wales the chance to downgrade their marriage. It’s part of plans to introduce heterosexual civil partnerships, after the Supreme Court ruling last year. C4M predicted this ruling all along. It stems directly from introducing same-sex marriage for homosexual couples in […]

  • China removes ‘Bible,’ ‘God,’ ‘Christ’ from children’s classics like ‘Robinson Crusoe’

    By Leah MarieAnn Klett, Christian Post. In efforts to bring Christianity further under government control, authorities in China have erased the words “Bible,” “God” and “Christ” from classic children’s stories, including Robinson Crusoe. China’s Ministry of Education recently introduced a new school textbook to help fifth-grade students “understand other cultures,” according to Asia News. Included […]

  • The domestication of Church of England evangelicalism

    By Andrew Symes, Anglican Mainstream. As conservative evangelical Anglicans move tentatively towards a necessary review of their structures, culture and practices which have come under the spotlight in the wake of testimonies about controlling and abusive leadership styles, is it possible to maintain unity in the search for truth and better practice? Can a boldness […]

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