The spirit of Jezebel, fatherless America, and mass shootings

Aug 20, 2019 by

by Michael Brown, Christian Post:

I want to tread very carefully here since, as I write these words, families are in agony. Lives have been torn apart. People have been taken away in the prime of life. Even little children have been slaughtered in cold blood. The devastation produced by mass shootings is indescribable.

But it is for that very reason we cannot be silent. We must continue to focus on one of the common denominators in these shootings: the murderers largely come from fatherless homes.

Now, you may have heard that, of the last 27 mass shootings in our country, 26 of the shooters came from fatherless homes. That is not true.

However, it is true that a large majority did come from fatherless homes, and that is something we cannot ignore.

Again, I as have stated before, with such horrific losses of life, we must put everything on the table for discussion.

Gun control. Background checks. Greater security. Questions of dealing with mental illness.

Nothing should be sacrosanct and off limits when it comes to discussing ways to save lives. And may the best solutions prevail, whatever they may be. As for those proposed solutions that are impractical or un-American, they can be discarded after analysis.

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