Lewd Pride parade leaves me weeping for a nation’s lost innocence

Jul 9, 2019 by

by Peter Simpson, The Conservative Woman:

MRS May tells us that ‘the Pride season is always a high point of the summer’. She has even hosted a Downing Street reception in anticipation of last Saturday’s London parade, and used Prime Minister’s Questions in Parliament last week further to endorse her support of all things LGBT.

I wonder, however, how many Pride parades the PM has personally attended? This writer has been present at many, including London on Saturday, doing so as a Christian minister endeavouring to impart a Biblical perspective to the enormous numbers of people swept along by the relentless LGBT juggernaut. The reality is that these parades are the absolute antithesis of harmless, wholesome and fun-filled family celebrations. They are a feast of extreme immodesty and Christianity-rejecting revelry.

What has our nation come to that the mayor of our capital city, other leading politicians, and even the PM herself, condone in the most fulsome manner public exhibitions of cross-dressing and of generally scanty and vulgar attire which leaves little to the imagination? The costumes on display on Saturday included men in such brief underwear that they might just as well have gone naked, except that the covering of their genitals highlighted the deliberate eroticism being aimed at. Other men were dressed up in leather, some as dogs in harnesses. Some even had knee pads on, so that, dog-like, they could go along the road on all fours. There were women gyrating to the heavy beat music parading themselves in tight and skimpy outfits designed to expose their buttocks.

The mainstream media euphemises all of this child-corrupting public lustfulness as ‘colourful’. Apparently, for people to parade through the streets in such a manner advances the cause of ‘equality’ and allows people to ‘be themselves’.

Our small gathering of Christian pastors endeavoured to proclaim Biblical truth in a temperate, civilised manner and out of deep concern for the souls of those revelling in this celebration of sin on the public highway. I wonder if our virtue-signalling politicians realise how the myriad parade supporters treated the pastors and their helpers? In the name of equality and diversity, girls and young women felt it fitting to expose their breasts and backsides to us. We were jeered at and insulted, and the verbal abuse was accompanied by the usual vulgar hand gestures.

A number of the Christians supporting the pastors were senior citizens with a genuine concern for the way in which many young people are being led astray by the all-pervasive LGBT propaganda. One, an 81-year-old great-grandmother, whilst being subjected to a torrent of four-letter words, had a Scripture poster snatched from her hands; it was thrown over a wall, so that it could not be recovered. Another Christian, a retired art teacher, was spat upon and doused with water and had his Scripture poster destroyed (these posters are professionally produced and cost money). These actions aptly symbolise the liberal establishment’s contemptuous attitude towards conservative, Bible-based Christianity.

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