The Advent of Power

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Schism and even dissolution stand before United Methodists. Will Annual Conference elections stop, pause or accelerate division? Time will tell. In the meantime, glaring realities persist. Many declare they “contend for the faith” by their stand on sexuality. Yet, there is an orthodox tradition — the liberating theology and ministry of the United Methodist Black Church — that stands on an including love and justice that deserves — especially now — to be heard and advanced.

“The Advent of Power,” delivered at the 11th Convocation for Pastors of Black Churches, was to address that love and justice, daring to believe a church on the precipice of splitting — with persons and a heritage so violated that they had every right to leave but did not—does not have to divide. Those claiming scriptural holiness and those asserting the dignity to be fully who they are certainly have strong positions. 

But not the only positions. 

Will we divide? Only God knows. But God can deliver us. There is power for deliverance. Whether or not we seek God’s power is up to us. 

The Rev. Vance P. Ross serves as senior pastor of Central United Methodist Church in Atlanta, Ga.

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