How to Bring LIFE Back to Your Church – A Church Revitalization Kit

Church Planting, for years now, if not decades, has gotten a lot of attention. Websites like have helped hundreds of church plants start and get off the ground. Planting a new church has a certain set of challenges that the average thriving church no longer has to deal with, but what about the churches across America that were once thriving and have seen their congregations dwindle? How do we breath new life into these churches? This is the movement called Church Revitalization.

We have put together a kit that is not only a fantastic resource for the thriving church, but also specifically and strategically geared toward the church that has been in decline. We want to present to you ways and ideas that will help guide your congregation back into spiritual growth and maturity.  Below is a list of free resources to help resurrect your church into life.

  • Church Revitalization Assessment: In this tool, you will be able to assess the state of your church and congregation. Through this assessment, you will be able to define what stage of health your church is in.
  • Single Session Preview: Enjoy a single session of Bible Studies for Life. Dive into this study as a way to set up your small groups or Sunday School classes to mature as believers.
  • Creating a Discipleship Pathway: In Michael Kelley’s short eBook, he explains the 8 signposts that are revealed in every maturing believer.
  • “Where Do We Start?”: Dr. Mark Dance has written an article explaining the steps necessary to bring your congregation back to life.
  • How to Pray: A previous 6-week study for Bible Studies for Life that you can use in a small group setting or individually to learn the biblical views on how to pray.
  • Leading Change in Your Church: A Todd Adkins eBook describing the ways to navigate the change that will take place in your church.
  • Scrappy Church: An excerpt from the first two chapters of Dr. Thom Rainer’s latest book.
  • Revitalize & Replant Podcast: In this episode, Dr. Thom Rainer and Jonathan Howe discuss “Nine Commitments Needed from Church Members for Revitalization to Happen”
  • Growing in God’s Word: A resource for your kids and student ministries explaining the Levels of Biblical Learning®
  • “How to Know God’s Will”: Dr. Lynn Pryor has written an article on deciphering the difference between God’s will and our human will.
  • “The Importance of DNOW”: John Paul Basham’s article describing DNOW weekends as so much more than pulling an all-nighter with a group of unruly teenagers.
  • “VBS is Worth It”: Jana Magruder explores Vacation Bible School® and how VBS can be an essential strategy for church revitalization — especially when followed by intentional discipleship.
  • Developing Your Leadership Pipeline: In this Todd Adkins eBook, he describes how to continue the leadership development and establish a pipeline of talent

With this Church Revitalization Kit, it is our prayer that your congregation returns to its first love and finds the peace and understanding that comes from above. We pray that you can use the tools in this kit to help spread the gospel and teach the birth, burial, and resurrection of our Lord. We pray this brings new life into your church.

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