Another heretic to be erased

Jun 13, 2019 by

by Rod Liddle, Spectator:

[…]  Another heretic to be erased recently was a pastor from the Isle of Man, Jules Gomes. The Revd Gomes is an occasional contributor to the website Conservative Woman and…had been invited to deliver a talk at Oxford Town Hall, entitled ‘Feminism was women’s greatest enemy until transgenderism came along’ — so you get the picture of the man. He’s kinda right of centre on this sort of stuff. He had already been warned by organisers to expect to be assaulted, quite possibly with a milkshake or two. But now Oxford City Council has banned him from speaking because the nature of his speech does not reflect the council’s ethos of ‘valuing diversity’. They value diversity very much in Oxford — except when it comes to diversity of opinion, and then they don’t like it one bit. They close down debate and wish to be deaf to all opinions other than their own.

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