Vatican document says no to current trends in gender ideology

Jun 12, 2019 by

from Christian Today:

The Vatican has responded to the ongoing debate on human sexuality with a new document rejecting some of the current interpretations of gender ideology.

‘Male and Female He Created Them’ has been issued to Catholic schools by the Congregation for Catholic Education.  Its release has fallen during Pride month, which many schools in the UK will have been marking.

The document speaks of “an educational crisis” around sexuality and warns of “challenges emerging from varying forms of an ideology that is given the general name ‘gender theory’, which ‘denies the difference and reciprocity in nature of a man and a woman’” and instead regards them as “merely the product of historical and cultural conditioning”.

It says that such an identity will gradually “become the choice of the individual, one which can also change over time” and that the current cultural climate will contribute to “the destabilization of the family”.

The document says that young people should be taught to respect others and not to bully people for their differences but says more dialogue is needed on the issue of gender identity.

“While the ideologies of gender claim to respond […] ‘to what are at times understandable aspirations’, they also seek ‘to assert themselves as absolute and unquestionable, even dictating how children should be raised’, and thus preclude dialogue,” the document states, adding that people should be “open to listen, to reason and to propose”, especially to the findings of research into gender identity.

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