Committee on Resolutions Report FINAL

It appears that 16 resolutions were submitted and 13 are being reported out, though some were produced by the committee.  Many are completely rewritten by the committee.

Ten of the 16 are listed as declined, yet some of them appear to have been the basis of resolutions brought forth by the committee.

I am going to publish this now and then edit this as the discussion goes forward.

What will happen (based on previous years) – we will go resolution by resolution until time runs out, then vote the rest as a group. Interesting that some of the most controversial are at the end!


1. On Pro-Life legislation in state legislatures

Good things have been happening and we rejoice!

Passed by overwhelming majority.

2. On the evil of sexual abuse.

Prepared in support of the sexual abuse effort.

Amendment offered adding words accepted by committee as friendly amendment.


3. On local church autonomy

Autonomy has been attacked and this defends it historically and theologically.

Another friendly amendment (by our Scott Gordon)


4. On religious persecution and human rights violations in North Korea

Nasty stuff!

Another Amendment.  Wants to add Sudan to the resolution on North Korea.

Amendment failed.

Another Amendment failed.


5. On sexual and personal identity

We believe in men and women and marriage.  Deals with SSA.

Amendment to change attraction to temptation.  Failed.

Friendly amendment.


6. On cooperative culture in the SBC

Group hug! Well written.


7. On biblical justice

Reasonable statement on justice


8. On contextual and cultural awareness for ministry

In favor of cultural awareness


9. On Critical race theory and intersectionality

May be controversial and discussion will follow.  As I understand it, the committee brought a much more moderate statement than the partisan one brought forward by the submitter.

Tom Ascol amendment failed.


10. On expanding selective service to include women.

We do not think women should be drafted.


11. On opposing human germline editing.

This is being condemned.


12. On gospel allegiance and political engagement.

Engage in political activity but keep our eyes on the gospel.


13. Resolution of Appreciation

Thank you, Birmingham.


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